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Career Stuff

updated 1/17/20

  • Searching for an international English word list I can use for technical writing. This should be a thing. Project time?
  • This old article about how Netflix uses multi-armed bandit testing to optimize visual delivery. Web content algorithms are (can be) da best.
updated 9/19/19

  • Listened to this lovely podcast about the importance of being coached throughout one's career.
  • I've fallen in love with Notion. So easy to use.
  • Big-time disability-related issues for Domino's online ordering system (Accessibility testing is important.)
  • UX writing - OTT services are teaching my 4 year old to read. He asks us how certain shows are spelled, and then types them in via the search keyboards. The only UX problem seems to be creating a more obvious action so you can select a particular episode of a TV show.
  • Microcopy - There are times when microcopy is secondary in importance to placement. As an example, my 4 year old uses OTT services without being able to read. Instead, he's memorized the placement of the buttons he uses.

Personal Stuff

Personal stuff, updated 1/17/20

  • Building a piƱata for Evan's Ghostbusters birthday party. As usual, the YouTubers make it look far too easy.
  • Watching Nailed It! with my kids. Hilarious.
  • Thinking about sustainability and school supplies. Too many schools put an emphasis on parents buying new school supplies each year, which can be extremely wasteful. I already have too many barely-used crayons, for example.
  • Thinking there should be a way to make a public-facing link to your library's checked out items page. Might be neat to share with friends and generate interest in using libraries. Here's a screenshot for now.
  • I asked Annie to make a telephone icon for me. She decided to make a cell phone instead of a rotary phone. Makes total sense. Why do people still use an old school handset as their telephone icon?
  • Evan is starting to become more interested in drawing. This occasionally means houses, but more often means line drawings that he says are "plans."


All the nostalgia of a links page

I came across the now page concept just a few days after explaining the 1990's links page phenomenon to Annie. Links pages were the best.